Asaase Nofosuo

  • Farmers Hope produces a high quality organic fertiliser aptly named for its nutritive impact on the soil. This high grade fertiliser is made from agricultural waste which enriches the soil, enhances organic food production and has lasting positive impact on the farmland.

  • Important features

    • Highly hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture, drawing it around the plant
    • Restores pH balance of the soil
    • Improves the soil’s fertility
    • Has the ability to check and prevent most fungal diseases in the soil
    • Enhances the soil’s microbial health and aeration
    • Increases the nutritional content in the plants and produces quality food for consumption

  • Application Guidelines

    1. Using a minimum of 200kg is recommended for each acre of the land regardless of the crop for economic results, particularly in the first season of use.
    2. Asaase Nofosuo is applied once as stated above. Top dressing is optional in a given season. It is expected that the recommended application in point (i) is sufficient.
    3. Asaase Nofosuo granules must be poured close to the plant forming a ring around the plant for vegetables and other short rooted crops. For long rooted crops, casting the fertilizer granules is recommended


    Spread and harrowing may be carried out, if desired. Although,Asaase Nofosuo can be applied at any time, application of the fertilizer should be done early, even from the point of planting.

  • Benefits to the farmer

    1. It is environmentally friendly
    2. Safe to use on all crops
    3. Is sold at low cost to the farmer
    4. Improves and maintains soil fertility once applied
    5. Continuous cropping can be done and still achieve the expected yield
    6. High residual effect on the soil thereby reducing subsequent application costs
    7. Reduces leaching and also helps replace lost micronutrients in the soil

  • Note: OM is an abbreviation for organic matter. Can you please take off 4.80% under OM. THANK YOU