Farmers Hope manufactures, primarily, from an automated fertilizer production facility located in Aputuogya, Kumasi.

Asaase Nofosuo Pure Organic Fertilizer

This organic fertilizer is a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution to improving the yield of a variety of crops and plants.

Farmers Hope Liquid Fertilizer

This is an organic liquid fertiliser which offers more than 45% increase in yield. It also offers enhanced seedling growth; while limiting yellowing in vegetables.

Farmers Hope Liquid Pesticide

The company also produces liquid pesticide. It is a broad spectrum pesticide, capable of fighting many pests. The main quality to note is that the pesticide drives away pests from crops, its effect is not designed to kill pests. As such the pesticide should be sprayed every 14 days to maintain pesticide efficacy in the plot of land. It is, therefore, environmentally friendly and not harmful to man.